• Earn While You Learn

    As you complete your set list of songs for each level, you will receive performance awards and certificates for each level you complete. Our levels start from the absolute beginner with our “Demo” levels through our Hit Singles Awards and finally our Gold Record Certificates.

  • Get Inspired

    As you build up your repertoire of songs and earn your certificates your motivation will also build up. Being able to look on the wall to see the certificates you have earned will  inspire you to keep moving forwards and working hard towards your goals. You’ll actually look forward to practicing.

  • Reaching Your Goals

    This is where all the hard work finally pays off! You are finally reaching the goals you have set out for yourself. Your goal could be as simple as earning your first Demo award or as lofty as forming a professional gigging band. Reaching your goals inspires you to set new ones resulting in consistent movement forward as a guitar player and musician!

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