Your Online School

No more going home, forgetting what it was the teacher told you in the lessons and waiting until the next week to move forward. You'll have full video support between lessons in our online classrooms.

Need to Miss a Lesson?

No more worries about having to miss lessons. If you need to miss a lesson you can contact your teacher and he will create a lesson for you during your scheduled lesson time. This includes video, mp3's, pdf's etc...

  • Student Online Classroom

    The student online classroom is an awesome tool that allows you to continue learning online between lessons through personalized videos, backing tracks, pdf’s etc… Have a question? Just ask and your teacher can create a video showing you exactly what to do. Help is only a click away!

  • Staying Consistent

    Staying consistent with regularly scheduled lessons or check ins is extremely important. Missing lessons and even doing live makeups can completely disrupt your progress. Using our online classroom on the same day as your scheduled lesson will still give you plenty of time to master all the material before your next lesson.

  • View Your Lessons From Anywhere

    You can access your lessons from any electronic device. Your laptop, cell phone, tablet etc…  If you’re out of town and can’t make it to the studio just grab your phone, log in and work through your lesson no matter where you are or what time it is. Stay connected & keep moving forward.

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