What Do You Struggle With Most on the Guitar

Is it frustration? Lack of progress? Loss of motivation?

We serve the local areas of Lebanon, Colchester, Hebron, WillimanticNorwich and the surrounding areas. For the rest of the world we'll simply connect online!

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Guitar Lessons That Are Motivating, Inspiring and Fun

  • Structured Lessons Focused On The Essential Skills of the Guitar
  • Performance Based Approach to inspire and motivate you
  • Full lesson support through our state of the art online classroom
  • 5 week no risk guarantee. If you're not satisfied the lessons are on us!

Here at our guitar lesson studio in Lebanon Ct we focus on teaching you to play guitar through the music you enjoy listening to. If you enjoy what you are playing then you will be inspired. If you are inspired you will practice and if you practice you WILL get results!

Try us out for 5 weeks and we'll show you how to get results! If you're not happy in any way then the lessons a FREE. Don't wait! Lets Get Started Now!

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Why Learn From Me?

There are plenty of other guitar teachers out there so why would you want to learn from me? The simplest reason I can give is because I really care. I will do whatever it takes to insure you fully understand and can play everything I teach you. I'll be there with you every step of the way!

  • We use a structured guitar method focused on taking you from the very beginning stages of learning to play guitar onwards to whatever skill level you desire to reach
  • Learn rock hits from artist such as Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Beatles, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Joe Satriani etc...
  • Our "Guitar Teams" program is a great way to introduce a beginning guitarist to the fun and very important skill of being able to play with other musicians
  • Each student will receive full between lesson support through e-mails and/or videos.
  • Adult and kids programs available. We teach both Acoustic and Electric guitar lessons

"The times I learned the most on guitar was when I was studying with my guitar teachers. A big thank you to my mentors Alex Skolnick (Alex Skolnick trio,Testament,Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Mike Kevetos, Tom Oferral etc..."

~ Don Parkhurst jr

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In this program you'll lean to play songs by some of yesterday's and today's biggest rock bands. We'll learn, create, perform and record the music you love. You'll learn to play guitar by playing actual music!

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Guitar Blog for the Practicing Musician

Are you struggling with how to effectively organize your practice routines? Need tips on how to keep motivated in those difficult times when you feel like quitting? Keep moving forward and check out our Guitar Blog now!

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